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Multi-Media Installations, Video Projections & Direction





Markus Künzel, also known as AstralNomad, is a multimedia & projection artist whose career spans three decades, with a background including television news, children’s television, computer animation, educational multimedia software development, as well as studies with Brazilian and Ecuadorian shaman. He blends these varied experiences into a unique expression in the media arts world. With a deep passion for exploring themes of space, time, geometry, history, and human perception, his work strives to open minds and expand consciousness.

In 2022, Markus was invited as a visiting artist to the SF Jazz theater in San Francisco where he developed stunning imagery for their newly-installed immersive projection system. He has co-produced five of the popular Art=Mixx events at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center. Markus is an active member of the Fuzz Box media arts collective on Maui, where he enjoys collaborating with a variety of media artists on innovative projects.

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